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Brehob Corporation Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Brehob Corporation is a leading provider of air compressor, electric, and crane and hoist solutions for the manufacturing and heavy equipment industry. For 70 years, Brehob has been the behind-the-scenes force that powers everything from factories to shops across four Midwest states. In 2023, Brehob is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the growth and innovation that’s gotten it this far over the years.

At Brehob, the thing they value most is their team. The people who drive Brehob are the people who drive its success and its progress. Brehob was born in Indianapolis in 1904 from Meier Electric, a fan and motor company. In 1953, Al Brehob and Charlie Smither bought the motor division and expanded the business to also include air compressors and cranes. Generations of the Smither family have worked for Brehob, including Bryan Smither, who is now president of the organization. “Brehob is a family and will always remain that way,” Bryan said.

As a family business from inception, Brehob knows what it means to build relationships with its customers and its employees. It starts every day with a commitment to make a positive impact on them. It knows that its employees’ success is its success, and it makes every effort to help them thrive.

Brehob has done it all the Brehob way for 70 years: powering electrical needs, repairing air compressors, designing crane and hoist systems, and more. And it’s sure to keep doing it the Brehob way for another seven decades… and beyond.

Brehob consists of three product groups across seven territories in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. It has expanded its regions over the last few years, with new locations in Grand Rapids, MI (2020) and Evansville, IN (2022). But it’s far from done. It has big plans, and more growth in the works for the years to come. It’s also focused on growing its biggest asset: its people.

It forms a united front both internally and externally, with a team that operates as one. This is the backbone of its company culture, and dictates that it acts as a unified and cohesive force in all of its territories and all of its specialties. It values every employee for their unique skills and their contribution to their product group and the company as a whole. It may take different roads, but it’s all driving toward the same destination: providing excellent service to its customers that is always honest, knowledgeable, and accessible.

With such a wide reach and a growing team of leading experts in its fields, it prides itself on being available for its customers when they need it, where they need it, to provide whatever they need from it. Its long history started in the heart of the Midwest, and it has been pleased to grow from there.


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