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FS-Curtis Celebrates Expansion of Platinum Program


Since its establishment in 2015, the FS-Curtis Platinum Program has stood as a pillar of FS-Curtis’s business, recognizing its most steadfast Channel Partners and propelling mutual growth. This year, the company is elated to commemorate the program’s substantial expansion and to underscore the immense effort and dedication required for success.


FS-Curtis is celebrating the expansion of its Platinum Program, as well as honoring Platinum Channel Partners who have excelled in key areas.


FS-Curtis takes pride in honoring Platinum Channel Partners who have excelled in four pivotal areas: total sales, sales growth, product focus and connectivity to the installed base. Each of these areas serves as a crucial barometer of the company’s present business vitality and a testament to its commitment to future expansion.

For 2023, FS-Curtis is proud to announce the following winners for each key metric:

  • Total sales: 3C Industrial, LLC
  • Sales growth: Industrial Air Rental & Sales LLC
  • Product focus: 3C Industrial, LLC
  • Connectivity to installed base: Arizona Air Compressor

In addition to the winners, FS-Curtis congratulates the following companies for finishing in the top four in each of the categories: Air Power Equipment, Custom Energized Air Ltd, LBS Corporation and Vacuum Pump & Compressor.

“We truly appreciate the partnership we have built with our elite Platinum Channel Partners, are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to continued success in the years to come,” said Matt Smith, Vice President Channel Partner Sales.

Since its inception in 2015, the Platinum Program has experienced a remarkable growth of over 500%, a testament to the strength of the company’s partnership and the effectiveness of its programs. The program has rewarded the Platinum group over $2 million with rebates and co-op marketing to bolster their regional marketing and initiatives. These figures underscore the tangible benefits and substantial rewards that come with being a part of the exclusive Platinum Program.

These rebate-based benefits, coupled with exclusive shipping benefits, special discounts and stocking programs, have strengthened FS-Curtis’ partnership, and given the companies an advantage in their growth.

FS-Curtis's extends its sincere gratitude to all its Platinum partners, especially to the award winners, who have played a pivotal role in shaping the program and laying a solid foundation for future growth.


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