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Largest-Ever Best Practices 2023 EXPO Featuring Compressed Air Innovations


The 5th annual and largest-ever Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference is taking place October 23-25, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL and will co-locate with Process Expo. Manufacturing, engineering firm and equipment sales personnel will meet, on the EXPO Floor, with the leading global manufacturers of compressed air, vacuum and cooling/chilled water technologies. Early-Bird EXPO Registration rates are $50 and grant access to both Expos.

Co-Sponsored by the Compressed Air & Gas Institute, who is offering on-site their Certified Compressed Air System Specialist (CCASS) Exam, the Best Practices EXPO will display the latest compressed air innovations in air compressors, compressed air purification, aluminum piping, pneumatics, leak detection and compressed air measurement instruments.

Air Compressor Technologies (fixed, VSD, variable capacity drives; water- and air-cooled)

  • 15-58 psig (2-4 bar): low-pressure; lubricated and oil-free rotary screw
  • 80-220 psig (5.5-15 bar): lubricated reciprocating, rotary screw
  • 45-190 psig (3-13 bar): oil-free scroll, reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal
  • 145-6000 psig (10-408 bar): boosters; lubricated, oil-free, reciprocating, screw
  • 435-1500 psig (30-102 bar): medium pressure; oil-free reciprocating, centrifugal
  • 1000-7000 psig (68-476 bar): high pressure; reciprocating, centrifugal
  • 25-5000 psig (2-340 bar): low, medium and high pressure rental air compressors
  • Controls, Heat Recovery, Containerized Systems, Inlet/Oil Filtration, Lubrication

Compressed Air Purification & Aluminum Piping Technologies 

  • +38-50°F (3-10°C) Dew Point Refrigerated Dryers: Non-cycling, cycling, VSD, HIT
  • -20 to -100°F (-20 to -100°C) Dew Point Desiccant & Membrane Dryers: Heatless, Heated, Heat-of-Compression, Deliquescent, Membrane
  • 435-7000 psig (30-476 bar) High Pressure Refrigerated and Desiccant Dryers
  • Liquid, Oil Aerosol, Oil Vapor, Particulate and Sterile Filters
  • Electric-Timed and Zero Air-Loss Condensate Drains and Oil-Water Separators
  • Aluminum Piping Systems, < 232 psig (16 bar), ¾” to 10” diameter (20-350mm)
  • Aluminum Piping Systems, 232–1015 psig (16-70 bar), ¾” to 2 1/2” diameter (20-63mm)

Pneumatics, Leak Detection and Compressed Air Measurement Technologies 

  • Pneumatic Actuators, Directional Control Valves and Components for Pneumatic Circuits
  • Ultrasonic and Acoustic Imaging Leak Detection for Compressed Air
  • Compressed Air Flow and Dew Point Meters, Pressure Sensors, Inlet and Ambient Temperature Sensors


About Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference

The Best Practices 2023 EXPO & Conference is devoted to Sustainable, Safe and Reliable On-Site Utilities Powering Automation – including compressed air, blower, vacuum, pneumatics and cooling water systems. Join manufacturing, engineering firm, and equipment sales personnel for Continuing Education (PDH Credits), Certification Exams and Networking Opportunities on October 23-25, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Visit