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Molly Spaeder Announced as Group Marketing Manager of Walker Filtration


Walker Filtration has announced the promotion of Molly Spaeder to Group Marketing Manager. Following her previous role as Business Development Manager of Walker Filtration USA, Molly will now manage all marketing activities and branding decisions conducted throughout the global divisions of the company.

Molly Spaeder, Group Marketing Manager, Walker Filtration.

The company firmly believes that Molly is the most qualified individual to assume the role of Group Marketing Manager. She has held several management roles throughout her eleven-year tenure at Walker Filtration and holds an advanced skillset in marketing and business development.

“I am looking forward to working with the wider global marketing team. It is a great opportunity to collaborate more closely and generate synergy to grow the brand and its global presence,” said Molly about her new role.

Molly has a strong comprehension of Walker Filtration’s brand and business strategies. During her time at Walker, Molly has helped catalyst several new products and projects within the marketing department. Her leadership skills, product knowledge, and understanding of the market and its customers have made her an asset to the company’s development.

“Molly is a critical member of our Senior Management Team. She has been an asset to the company and essential to improving our brand’s image, direction, and global growth,” said Simon Taylor, General Manager of Walker Filtration.


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