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Next Air & Gas Introduces New Compressed Air Dryers


Next Air & Gas unveiled its next generation of desiccant and refrigeration dryer lines. 
The Pura-Aire product lines focus on global compliance standards and economical design. Pura-Aire aims to be the cost-effective solution for distribution partners globally.
The new generation of dryers offers streamlined, innovative desiccant and refrigerated product offerings. Consecutive parallel product lines focus on the application of specific uses. Examples include thermal mass and multiplex refrigerated dryers, point of use modular desiccant dryers, industrial twin tower modular configurations (for applications that require the efficiency of twin tower regenerative dryers but need a smaller overall footprint), rental application desiccant dryers, and refrigerated dryers designed for any working condition and environment. High pressure dryers up to 10,000+ PSIG, a pneumatic heatless desiccant dryer line completely operated by pneumatic controls, and breathing air application dryer lines for the medical and food processing industry are also in the pipeline.

Pura-Aire compressed air dryer lines from Next Air & Gas. 

Supporting the Pura-Aire generation of dryer lines, Next Air & Gas will also release Flow-Stream, a full line of low and high pressure compressed filters, along with Aqua-Pure, a spectrum of condensate management products. These products were designed in a collaborative technology initiative by both Next Air & Gas engineers and its supporting global partner.
“With the introduction of these dryer lines, we hope to start a new platform of innovation in the air treatment industry. This new generation of dryer products are designed to be simple in their purest form yet highly engineered, if required, with a conscious mindset of global compliance standards and price points. The Pura-Aire dryer line is our 8th generation of dryer platform and will become our benchmark for future iterations and advancements,” said Kevin F. Zarif, Vice President, Next Air & Gas.

About Next Air & Gas

Next Air & Gas, headquartered in Lenoir City, TN, is the next chapter in the Zarif’s air treatment legacy spanning over 30 years in the industry. The company is led by Founders CEO Mike Zarif and Vice President Kevin F. Zarif. NEXT Air & Gas is a research and development firm and mass manufacturer of compressed air & gas dryers, with a specialty in desiccant and refrigeration drying technologies, process cooling, compressed air filtration, and gas generation in nitrogen and oxygen. The vision of the company is to build upon its manufacturing experience and capabilities with a concentration on the development of innovative air & gas treatment products. For more information, visit