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Nitrogen Generation System for Radioactive Waste Treatment


GENERON® is proud to announce the successful completion and delivery of a cutting-edge nitrogen generation system, commissioned by the Idaho Environmental Coalition located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This groundbreaking system has been meticulously engineered and crafted to align with IEC’s exacting requirements for the inerting of a highly critical radioactive process. The comprehensive system consists of thirteen 20’ ISO containers, one 10’ ISO container, one 8’ OD x 30’ long nitrogen storage vessel, and all necessary materials for seamless interconnection, facilitating a modular setup. With an impressive capacity of 1,600 scfm of 98% nitrogen at 250 psig.


GENERON has created a cutting-edge nitrogen generation system engineered and crafted to align with IEC’s exacting requirements for the inerting of a highly critical radioactive process.


The remote location necessitated a modular design that could be field erected with minimal field labor. To accomplish this, GENERON’s engineering and manufacturing teams worked together to develop components that fit together. All units were prewired, and piping systems were fitted up at the facility and will bolt together in the field. Even the roof assemblies were prefabricated.

The system was designed to handle the extreme weather conditions that occur at the site. The facilities have been climatized to handle temperatures from -40°F to +100°F. Additionally, all condensates have onsite automated collection and purification and storage systems.

At the core of this system lie two state-of-the-art nitrogen production units, leveraging GENERON’s advanced hollow fiber nitrogen generating membrane modules. These innovative membranes effectively eliminate oxygen and water vapor from the compressed air stream, resulting in an enriched nitrogen product. Notably, the compressors for this project have also been skillfully integrated by GENERON, driven by 700 hp 4160V electric motors and soft starters. By opting for electric-drive compressors, IEC has successfully reduced CO2 emissions by an impressive 12,128 metric tons annually, when compared to the previous diesel-driven configuration.

The GENERON Nitrogen generation system assumes a pivotal role within the operations of IEC’s groundbreaking Integrated Waste Treatment Unit. IWTU is a pioneering facility geared towards treating liquid radioactive and hazardous waste. The liquid is currently housed in storage tanks, forming part of a larger tank farm. The IWTU employs steam reforming technology to convert the liquid into solid, granular material, subsequently packaging it within stainless steel canisters and storing these containers within concrete vaults on-site. The nitrogen generated by the advanced GENERON system will play a pivotal role in enabling the secure and efficient processing of this radioactive liquid waste, by providing an inert nitrogen blanket during the process.

The detailed design of the entire system is a testament to GENERON’s dedication to meeting the intricate process specifications and application requirements. The hollow fiber membrane modules were manufactured at GENERON’s Pittsburg, California facility, while the final engineering and assembly of the comprehensive modular system were completed at GENERON’s Houston, Texas facility.



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