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P-A Industrial Services Now Serves Sioux Falls Area


P-A Industrial Services (PAIS), a Donaldson company that offers preventative maintenance/filter change services, parts, and equipment for dust/mist/fume collection systems, industrial fans, air compressors, and nitrogen/oxygen generators, is pleased to expand its operations to the Sioux Falls area. This includes the regions of eastern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, and northwestern Iowa.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the company strives to help make its clients' plants safer and more productive workplaces. As part of the Donaldson family, the global leader in industrial filtration solutions, PAIS is pleased to expand its scope of expertise and technology.

PAIS can service, repair, design, and install various types of dust/mist/fume collection and compressed air systems from numerous global brands, such as Donaldson, Atlas Copco, and more. This includes everything from installing compressed air piping and new equipment to providing on-site baghouse filter changes and dust/mist/fume collector replacement parts such as diaphragm valves and fans.

Regarding the company's Preventative Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Program, PAIS offers a total system approach and broad product expertise that enables its team to optimize all equipment components in a system. When remotely monitoring, the company utilizes Donaldson's proprietary iCue™ connected technology to provide operational insights directly to end users.

PAIS staff consists of thoroughly trained and factory-authorized field technicians to perform service, data collection, and trending of all key points. This includes fan performance, compressed air quality, filter condition, filter pressure differential, air velocity, airflow (CFM), and maintaining detailed documentation for record keeping and historical trending.

The key benefits of investing in the PAIS Preventative Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Program include helping to prevent equipment downtime, ensuring clean air for the working environment, assisting in managing air emissions, supporting OSHA/EPA/MPCA regulatory compliance, and receiving recommendations for system efficiency that support lower operating costs and higher productivity.

PAIS General Manager Patrick Becker said, "More and more companies are addressing inefficiencies head-on and striving to work smarter, not harder. PAIS is here to help. We look forward to serving you!"


About P-A Industrial Services

P-A Industrial Services is a one-stop shop for services, parts, and equipment for various industrial applications. As a Donaldson company, PAIS can provide its clients with innovative technology to help their businesses operate at peak efficiency. For more information, visit