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Revindus Launches Fully Automated Test Bench for Air Compressors

Revindus is one of the few developers in the world that specializes in testing equipment for air compressors. Their latest innovation, the Fully Automated Test Bench, or FAT-Boy, is a groundbreaking advancement in the compressed air market. It solves the challenges and complexities of testing air ends or compressor packages and eliminates the risk of human-machine interaction. This makes testing sessions much simpler, and helps manufacturers get the most accurate and consistent results with ease.

Testing a Compressor and Air-End requires a lot of technical expertise and knowledge. Therefore, the process depends heavily on human interaction, which can lead to potential errors. Moreover, adjusting the flow rate and pressure is not only difficult but also time-consuming, sometimes taking up to an hour. Given that a VFD Compressor needs 5 flow rate points for testing, the whole testing procedure might take a whole shift.

This technology provides a solution that frees manufacturers from the burden of finding the "right" staff for testing. The FAT-Boy automates much of the process, saving time, energy, and money. Manufacturers can now focus on other critical aspects and streamline their testing operations with unmatched efficiency.

Experience the revolution in compressor testing with Revindus' groundbreaking FAT-BOY technology.

One can enjoy the best in automation with the advanced bench design, which offers a smooth and user-friendly testing experience with minimal human-machine interaction. One just needs to connect the compressor to the bench, and easily get testing data using the integrated barcode reader. The system then accesses the database, retrieving vital information like pressure, cooling type, flow rate, drive type, and more. In seconds, the system automatically adjusts the flow rate and pressure, simplifying the entire process.

Adhering to ISO1217 & CAGI procedures, the system automatically selects the sonic nozzle for testing and records relevant data for each flow rate and pressure result. Enjoy unparalleled efficiency as the system operates effortlessly, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks with minimal effort.

About Revindus

In 2018, Revindus was established with a visionary goal of delivering cutting-edge technology products to the industry. The company comprises dedicated divisions for precise refrigeration and compressed air engineering. Our diverse product range includes high-quality gas flow meters, flow computers, lab automation, sonic nozzles, data loggers, compressed air engineering solutions, and precisely temperature-controlled refrigeration units. We offer ultra-low temperature chillers (-100°F), freezers, freeze dryers, and climate cabinets, all meticulously crafted in-house with expert software development, automation, manufacturing, and final testing. Revindus serves a wide array of industries, including gas flow meter manufacturers, medical laboratories, manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and infrastructure sectors. For more information, please visit