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Sauer Compressors Introduces Orkan WP5173 Helium Booster


Sauer Compressors is pleased to introduce the Orkan WP5173 Helium Booster. The Helium Booster is ideal for a variety of industrial applications. This 5-cylinder compressor offers five compression stages that allow the ratios to be minor and is coupled with an efficient radial cooling system. This allows the WP5173 to compress Helium gas to 5,000 psi. In addition, the completely sealed crankcase and magnetic coupling ensure no leakage and no valuable gas loss during operation. 

The Sauer Orkan WP5173 Helium Booster is ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

Sauer Helium Compressors are specially designed for helium compression. They represent the most efficient and safe solution for various helium applications such as tube trailer filling and unfill, cylinder fill, and the reclamation of helium post application.

About Sauer Compressors

Sauer Compressors is a medium-sized German group of companies with 14 international subsidiaries. The company was founded more than 135 years ago, and has over 85 years' experience in compressed air technology. Today, it focusses on the development, production and sale of medium and high-pressure compressors for applications in commercial shipping, industry, offshore and the defense sector. Besides standard products, it offers customized solutions for individual customers, OEMs and companies that operate on a global stage. With a global network of agents and representatives, Sauer maintains proximity to its customers. By supplementing the compressor range with high-quality accessories, engineering services, assembly and service concepts, Sauer offers system solutions right up to complete turnkey installations. For more information, visit