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Greener Compressed Air Systems-Reducing the Environmental Impact - Webinar

Paul Edwards
Pascal van Putten
Michael Camber

Join Keynote Speaker, Paul Edwards, Principal, Compressed Air Consultants to discuss a 30,000 foot/10,000 meter look at the various waste generated by compressed air systems. Some of the techniques and technologies used to reduce those waste streams will also be explored.

Our first sponsor speaker is Pascal van Putten, CEO, VPInstruments. His presentation, “Stop estimating, start making well founded decisions,” will discuss the cost of compressed air consumption and potential savings by investing in a flow meter. He will address how a 4-in 1 flow meter will be your Swiss (or Dutch) army knife which will help you to make the right decisions with the biggest impact. A simple ROI calculation that demonstrates the value of a flow meter in relation to the cost of compressed air will also be presented.

Our second sponsor speaker is Michael Camber, Marketing Services Manager, Kaeser Compressors. His presentation will discuss how making compressed air greener is a shared responsibility among compressor manufacturers and end users, as well as engineering firms, compressed air sales professionals and others who influence compressed air system design.

June 22, 2023 

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