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Heat of Compression Dessicant Dryer Basic Principles

HankVanOrmerHank van Omer is the Founder of Air Power USA.
chuckhendersonChuck Henderson is the Vice President of Henderson Engineering Company.














Join Keynote Speaker, Hank van Ormer, Founder of Air Power USA, to examine when a Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryer can optimize a compressed air system. Heat of Compression Desiccant Dryers accomplish desiccant regeneration through the heat generated during compression. Different compressed air systems, dew point applications, and discharge temperatures will be analyzed to determine the suitability and energy-savings potential of this dryer type.

Our Sponsor Speaker is Chuck Henderson, Vice President of Henderson Engineering Company, whose presentation is titled “Energy Efficient Heat of Compression Dryers.” He will discuss the basic principles and benefits of Heat of Compression technology within low dew point applications. This presentation will also demonstrate how to properly size and optimize this dryer type within different compressed air systems and manufacturing scenarios.

This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions specified for Hank van Ormer and Chuck Henderson can be submitted to

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Thursday, November 9th, 2017 - 2:00 PM EST.

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