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Compressed Air Dryer Maintenance and Monitoring - Webinar

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Luciano De Oliveira
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Join Keynote Speaker, Loran Circle, Senior Consultant, Circle Training & Consulting, to discuss maintenance of both refrigerated and desiccant dryers. The importance of filtration, and how to troubleshoot problems with water contamination in your compressed air system will also be covered.

Our first sponsor speaker is Luciano De Oliveira, Product Manager Measurement & Instrumentation and Refrigerant Dryers, BEKO Technologies. His presentation is “Ensuring Dry Air Quality: Unveiling the Power of Data with Sensors and Data Loggers.”

Our second sponsor speaker is Gorazd Bregar, Founder and CEO, CALMS. His presentation is “How Auto Analyzers and AI Can Enhance Compressed Air Quality: A Correlation Analysis.”

This is an interactive webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions before and during the live event. Questions specified for Loran Circle, Luciano De Oliveira and Gorazd Bregar can be submitted to

Thursday, December 7, 2023 – 2:00 PM EST.

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