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Webinar: Benefits & Technology for Decentralizing a -40ºF Dew Point

HankVanOrmerHank van Omer is the Founder of Air Power USA.
Tilo FurthTilo Fruth is the President of BEKO Technologies.
davidkahnDavid Kahn is the President of Kahn Instruments.















Join Keynote Speaker, Hank van Ormer, Founder of Air Power USA, to examine compressed air systems where decentralizing compressed air dryers makes sense from a quality and energy efficiency standpoint. Many factories require a -40 ºF pressure dew point for only 25% of the compressed air use. This presentation will review the benefits of isolating applications requiring this extremely low dewpoint.

Our first Sponsor Speaker is Tilo Fruth, President of BEKO Technologies, whose presentation is titled “ecoIntelligent Membrane Dryers.” He will discuss innovative membrane dryer technology designed for decentralized compressed air drying and the importance of knowing what dew point is required and how to maintain that dew point with user adjustable controls.

Our second Sponsor Speaker is David Kahn, President of Kahn Instruments, whose presentation is titled “Measuring Moisture on the Factory Floor.”  His presentation will discuss how to effectively measure and monitor pressure dew point in different sections of a manufacturing plant.

April 20th, 2017


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