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Compressed Air: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You - Webinar

Ron Marshall
Menno Verbeek
Neil Mehltretter



















Join Keynote Speaker, Ron Marshall, Chief Auditor, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting to discuss compressed air system measurement including pressure, power, flow, dew point and temperature. Examples of significant problems that have been found simply by measuring key parameters will also be explored.

Our first sponsor speaker is Menno Verbeek, Sales Director, VPInstruments. His presentation, “Reveal Your Pains: Start Measuring & Monitoring,” will discuss what insight monitoring brings to your factory and how it helps to show you where, when and how much you can save. Leak management, benchmarking, allocation of costs and CO2 emission reduction will be explored.

Our second sponsor speaker is Neil Mehltretter, Technical Director, Kaeser Compressors. His presentation, “Integrating System Sensors with Smart Controls” will discuss how smart system controls can integrate and report data from a wide range of downstream sensors including pressure dew point monitors, oil and particulate sensors, flow meters, kW meters and pressure transducers. They can also track leak and pressure reduction efforts to provide ongoing energy management information.


October 27, 2022 

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