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The 2023 AICD Show Report

The Association of Independent Compressor Distributors (AICD) held its annual show at the Gaylord Texan Resort just outside Dallas, Texas, in May of 2023. Participating distributor members and guests enjoyed a few days of networking events, trade show, speakers, the AICD Golf Tournament and more.

“The AICD enjoyed a record turnout of exhibitors,” said Jeff Brennan, President, AICD. “We’ve added over 20 member companies this year and our membership again has delivered a strong turnout at this year’s event.” This report will recap a sampling of exhibitors – not all exhibitors present at the show could be featured due to article space limitations.

The 2023 AICD Board: Rob Grizzle, Sal Calvo, Bart Frush, Jeff Brennan, Kasey Gould, Dave Nosal, Joe Torchia, Bob Coppel and Michael McCulley (left to right). 

Air Compressors, Vacuum, Controls & Components

Hertz Kompressoren was displaying their Counts Kustom 7.5 hp HBD5 tank-mounted show package as part of their push into the automotive aftermarket industry. COO Stephanie Brockman said, “We are seeing continued steady growth from our loyal distributors and have seen a great response to the new maintenance kits for our air compressors.”

Stephanie Brockman next to the Counts Kustom tank-mounted 7.5 hp package at the Hertz Kompressoren booth.


The Sullivan-Palatek booth was in a great mood about both their business and market conditions. President Bruce McFee said, “We have just released the redesigned SP-13 direct drive rotary screw air compressor with a newly redesigned airend. We are excited about the very efficient specific power numbers, tested through the CAGI Performance Verification Program, and fully manufactured at our plant in Michigan City.”

Horace Douglas, Bruce McFee, Larry Colley, Austin Wilkins and Melissa Shepherd at the Sullivan-Palatek booth (left to right). 


Bauer has launched high-pressure air compressors for applications above 5,000 psig (340 bar). Eric Phelps stated, “The applications usually require an NDA and often deal with leak testing for sensitive industries like rockets and satellites.” He also said their new medium pressure rotary screw air compressors designed for 145 psig (10 bar) are gaining popularity.

Eric Phelps and John Mirabelli at the Bauer Compressors booth (left to right).


Industry veteran Nitin Shanbhag showed me around the booth of Alkin Compressors. Their specialty is in manufacturing high-pressure air compressors and boosters up to 6,000 psig (408 bar). Shanbhag said, “Our strength has been in scuba diving, fire departments and industrial high-pressure applications. We are based in New Jersey and investing to grow our presence in the U.S. market.”

Baki Topac, Michael McCulley (Quality Compressed Air Services), Nitin Shanbhag and Ayden Dereci at the Alkin Compressors booth (left to right). 


Doosan Bobcat had a lot of people at their booth due to their announcement to use the Bobcat brand name for their industrial air compressor product lines. Based out of their 1 million square foot facility in Statesville, North Carolina, Bobcat is a major consumer brand for portable compressors, tractors, forklifts and ground maintenance equipment. Patrick Jakeway said they are introducing air compressor product lines step-by-step with an iron-clad commitment to have all parts in stock for all introduced products. They currently offer 30 to 200 hp lubricated rotary screw air compressors (fixed and VSD). A line of 10-20 hp belt-drive rotary screws is launching soon.

Neal Stephan, Kyle Schafer, Brandon Taylor, Patty Moffitt, Michael Musseau and Patrick Jakeway at the Doosan Bobcat North America booth (left to right).


Kaishan was displaying their new KRSV rotary screw vacuum pump. Dave George said, “This energy efficient product line covers a 10 to 125 hp range, 286 to 3,505 cfm and vacuum levels to 29.9 HgV.” In light of recent discontinuations of rotary screw vacuum product lines (by other manufacturers), this is a very interesting and timely product launch.

John Schmitt, Tom Guthrie, Dave George, Chris Downs, Curt Greifer, Brandon Dial and Nathan Haley at the Kaishan Compressor USA booth (left to right). 


Schulz Compressors is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Company. Schulz America is based just north of Atlanta in a new, company-owned, distribution center to support this market. Fabio Rosa said, “In celebration of our 60th anniversary, we are gifting a free pneumatic impact wrench with every air compressor we ship!” At the booth they were displaying a 5 hp, tank-mounted two-stage, direct drive, reciprocating air compressor in a sound attenuating enclosure.

Mark Spaeth, Jerry Kellner, Fabio Rosa and Troy Hudson at the Schulz Compressors booth (left to right). 


The ELGi Compressors booth was featuring the AB Series single-stage, water-injected, rotary screw air compressor. Models range from 15 to 150 horsepower with a maximum working pressure of 175 psig. The unique water-injected design requires only an initial water fill and no reverse osmosis water treatment. The system takes moisture from the intake air to maintain the required water level. They also explained the unit is designed for easy serviceability and sound attenuation. The units are designed in a manner that any qualified lubricated rotary screw technician can work on them and feature the Neuron4 digital controller. The single-stage airend runs at low speeds of 2,000 to 4,500 rpm and the decibel range is 65 to 74 dBa.

Keith Sportsman, Tyler Morrell, Carol Calvo, Alexandra Moreno, Kevin Ray and Bruce Lidie at the ELGi Compressors booth (left to right).


BOGE Compressors was excited about their oil-free, two-stage, SO Series rotary screw air compressor line-up. Kevin Miller said, “This competitively priced range runs from 60 to 480 hp with air-cooled units to 125 hp and water-cooled for larger sizes.”

Kevin Miller, Pam Tetterton and Brian Tober at the BOGE America booth (left to right).


Tamsan Compressor has introduced 10 to 330 hp oil flooded rotary screw air compressors (single and two-stage) to the market. Options include fixed and VSD and permanent magnet motors from 50 to 330 hp. Josh Wamser said they are warehousing product in Greenville, South Carolina.

Jessica McCarty, Megan Smith, Duane McCarty, Josh Wamser, Kelly Wamser and Emren Bekeç at the Tamsan USA booth (left to right). 


Sauer Compressors was talking about the new “next generation” Orkan Series for pressures ranging from 1,470 to 7,350 psig for almost all gases (100 to 500 bar). We met Chris Leonard and Kiel Locklear, at the Air Production & Service booth, and enjoyed their story of starting their firm 10 years ago to meet the rising demand for containerized packages of compressed air systems. Distributors can call them to package a system for them. COLTRI Compressors is introducing a line of high-pressure air compressors and boosters and specialty products like their AC VII booster able to take 28 psig (2 bar) air or nitrogen and boost it to 6,174 psig (420 bar).

Anthony Harris, David Swartz, David Jen and John Temple at the Sauer Compressors booth.


Solberg was excited about the launch of their new CAM Series Compressed Air Muffler for desiccant dryers. Clint Browning said, “Our new patent pending design uses absorbent and reactive media to optimize tower depressurization time and reduce noise levels.” They have launched 1 1/2” and 2” connection sizes and are working on more models.

Joe Thode, Charlie Solberg, Clint Browning and Andy Spicer at the Solberg Filtration booth (left to right). 


Nicolas De Deken and Joe Henke, at the ENERGAIR Solutions booth, presented their new AERO master controller. A very intuitive product for the user, standard features included kW monitoring, capacity %, specific power efficiency in terms of kW per 100 cfm, system pressure, dew point, outlet air flow (cfm) and many other variables.


Compressed Air Purification, Condensate Management and Cooling

BEKO Technologies personnel said demand for desiccant dryers is growing and they observe many plants switching to them from refrigerated dryers. The main reason they cite is poor maintenance on refrigerated dryers leading many to believe they need a lower -40ºF (-40ºC) pressure dew point. They were exhibiting their Drypoint XCP premium heatless desiccant dryer, manufactured in Atlanta, with the BEKO TOUCH controller as standard with humidity control for tower switching. This model is ideal to install with an optional dew point meter on the outlet.

Ethan Grosstick, Ryan Dixon and Tomi Mize (all from Air Specialty Equipment) with Sarah Porterfield and Rusty Welch at the BEKO booth (left to right).


Mikropor was talking about their new MTD-US Series High Capacity Turbo Dryer for flows from 5,000 to 15,000 scfm. Regional Manager Jeff Crutchfield explained the units feature thermal mass technology and for 10,000 scfm and below use scrolls while the larger units deploy screw refrigeration compressors. These energy-saving, cycling, refrigerated dryers have standard 4.3” and 7” touch screen controllers. I’d like to thank Mikropor General Manager Ryan Loeffler for allowing me to do a recent tour of their warehousing and testing campus in Michigan City. Their inventory levels and commitment to fast deliveries is impressive.

Nathan Toro, Sawyer Burns, Hunter Burns, Mike Herring and Chris Burns (all from Mobile Mechanical) with Jeff Crutchfield, Allan Hoerner and Steve Briscoe (Pattons) at the Mikropor booth (left to right).


Clean Resources debuted its new compressed air dryer portfolio in partnership with Next Air & Gas, along with enhancements to its oil-water separator lines. On display was the HHD Series heatless desiccant dryer that comes standard with PLC and angle body valves, and NRDSS Series refrigerated dryer with a stainless-steel flat plate enclosure and heat exchanger.

David Schluckbier, Bill Peters, Scott Scheuerlein, Molly Powers and Chad Timmer at the Clean Resources booth (left to right).


Following its acquisition of Engineered Air Products (EAP) in Lancaster, NY in March 2023, Altec AIR has expanded its North American footprint and its desiccant compressed air dryer portfolio. EAP has been designing and manufacturing large desiccant air dryers since 2009 and will continue its manufacturing and operations under the Altec AIR brand. Altec displayed a 250 cfm desiccant air dryer with regulated purge valve with a dew point recovery mode operation at the show.

Jon Brom, Joe Rodenbucher, Gregg Lesniewski, Chris Foster, Jeff Ewers, Bob McKay, Charles Algiene and Jim DiMaiolo at the Altec AIR booth (left to right).


Nano-purification solutions displayed its core compressed air treatment products including the new DXR fridge direct expansion refrigerated air dryers, the new GF filtration range, the NDL modular desiccant dryers and the Sepura condensate treatment products. Nano recently acquired Aircel LLC which has a long history of building high-quality refrigerated and twin tower desiccant dryers at its Maryville, TN facility. “We took this opportunity to formally launch the rebranded Aircel dryers as a ‘product brand’ with a fresh new look which better depicts our approach to modern compressed air dryer innovation with an emphasis on sustainability,” said Tony Hergert, nano Brand Manager. Nano will continue to support the Aircel distribution network and will build heatless, heated and blower purge twin tower dryers for nano in TN.

Chris Brooks, Nick Herrig, Mark Lauterwasser and Matt McQuillin at the nano booth (left to right).


Hydrothrift Corporation discussed its complete line of thermal transfer systems and nationwide heat exchanger repair and remanufacturing services. While also offering open loop systems, its custom-engineered closed loop (dry type and evaporative) cooling systems offer reliable temperature control and efficient operation. Its Closed-Loop Evaporative-Type systems (20 - 2,000 gpm) are equipped with heavy-duty prime surface evaporator coils, close-coupled centrifugal pump, surge and vent tank and more in a packaged pump and control skid.

Keith Beatty at the Hydrothrift booth.


This summer, Walker Filtration is celebrating 40 years since its founders started operations in the family garage in the United Kingdom. On display at the Walker Filtration booth was its SmartSep oil-water separator (32 - 6,621 scfm), its zero-loss CondenSmart Drain Series (6 models, 106 - 5,650 scfm), and many more OEM and aftermarket air treatment products. In April 2023, Molly Spaeder was promoted to Group Marketing Manager for all marketing activities and branding decisions throughout the global divisions the company. Ben Laiweneek was also promoted to Senior Sales Manager after four years in his role as Distribution Sales Manager.

Thomas Conforti, Jesse Yates, Molly Spaeder and Ben Laiweneek at the Walker Filtration booth (left to right). 


Air System Products introduced the Accu-Drain 2, a new electronic zero-loss drain light enough to be suspended from pre-filters and after-filters, or any system component. Designed to provide the same reliability as the first generation Accu-Drain, it still has its signature translucent vessel for a simple operational check, a robust non-clogging Posi-Valve eliminating the need for additional strainers, and for its size has a large discharge capacity of 1.5 oz.

Mike Zacharko, Austin Keppler, Sean Van Auken and Abbey Hopkins at the Air System Products booth (left to right). 


JORC Industrial displayed its Level Sensed Drains (SMART-GUARD, MAG-11, NUFORS XF), time drains (COMBO, OPTIMUM, TC-11, D-LUX-N/O), and EPA-compliant SEPRIUM oil-water separators (70 - 2,500 cfm), and more. JORC’s oil-water separators have useful features like a visual element life indicator to let you know when your elements need replace and an overflow indicator to avoid any messy spills.

 Anthony Yacucci and Ross Klein at the JORC Industrial booth (left to right). 


KSI Technologies is based in Ontario, Canada and offers distributors a full inventory of CRN Certified heatless desiccant dryers and pressure vessel-sized compressed air filters. Moritz Bojahr said they supply heated desiccant dryers by project.

Moritz Bojahr at the KSI Technologies booth (left to right).


Andy Freyer, Director of Business Development with Kingston Valves shared they will be introducing new angle check valves, as well as a safety valve for refrigerated air dryers, and other refrigeration applications in the second half of 2023. 

At the ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions booth, Chris Ursillo - ZEKS Commercial Leader shared they are introducing new large non-cycling and high-pressure refrigerated compressed air dryers in July 2023. From its flagship HeatSink cycling refrigerated air dryers, to non-cycling, high-pressure and water-cooled refrigerated air dryers, ZEKS offers a full range of refrigerated drying solutions. ZEKS also specializes in desiccant air dryer technology, filtration, condensate management, flow control and more.

Al Gallo, Chris Nelen, Chris Ursillo and Mark Beauchamp at the ZEKS Compressed Air Solutions booth (left to right). 


Compressed Air Piping and Storage

The Unipipe booth featured the new 8” and 10” aluminum piping technology for standard 100 psig (7 bar) plant air. Derrick Taylor said, “The high-pressure piping for 1,015 psig (70 bar) is taking off for compressed air, inert gas and high-pressure fluid applications.” He explained a growing application has been for hydraulic oils and fluids used in vehicle maintenance facilities. These multi-fluid systems use their piping solution and have become a standard catalog item for the dealership networks of a couple major automotive brands and heavy machinery companies.

Jeremy Gaitsch, Lance Frederick and Derrick Taylor at the Unipipe booth (left to right). 


Aignep USA displayed its INFINITY aluminum piping system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gases. Its push-in fitting technology is standard on all diameters, limiting the use of labor-intensive installation tools. National Sales Manager Jason Dove also displayed new larger 80 mm, 110 mm and 168 mm automatic couplings, and a new pneumatic shut off valve - providing the user the ability to isolate a compressed air system remotely. Aignep USA also displayed its new flex hose for tight installation spaces, available in 20 - 63 mm diameters.

Michael Coles, Matteo Pomelli, Jason Dove and Matt Rosser at the Aignep USA booth (left to right). 


AIRpipe USA is introducing new 10” diameter aluminum pipe for the centrifugal market. Darren Phillips has been promoted to AIRpipe Product Sales Manager with more than six years of experience at AIRpipe. Scott Kramer has also been promoted to Regional Sales Director in the Midwest in his seventh year working with AIRpipe. “We’re excited about our recent growth. We have doubled our warehouse space in Arizona and can also reach customers from our Ohio and South Carolina locations,” said Chad Hills, Managing Director, AIRpipe USA.

Chad Hills, Darren Phillips, Mike Chapman, Scott Kramer and Steve Kwiatkowski at the AIRpipe USA booth (left to right).

Sicomat offers four different lines of compressed air piping systems, plus a complete component offering for reliable compressed air distribution. The SR Series aluminum pipe has a range of diameter sizes up 110 mm (4.3”). The latest SK Series aluminum pipe and quick push fit fittings offers 15, 22 and 28 mm (0.59 - 1.1”) aluminum pipe assembled with nylon fittings. Temperature tolerance ranges from -4°F - 158°F (-20° - 70°C), and working pressures range from 11.6 - 181.3 psi (-0.8 - 12.5 bar). The SA Series has a square extruded aluminum profile, and the S2 Series is a multifunction system with two parallel ducts to transport two different pressures or gases.

Luigi Lorenzetto and Andrea Fabris at the Sicomat and COLTRI booth (left to right). 


Samuel Pressure Vessel Group is a leading supplier of ASME air receivers in North America, stocking vertical and horizontal configurations from 12 - 5,000 gallons. They also provide made-to-order air receivers up to 60,000 gallons. Its facility in Tucson, AZ is now providing air receivers, along with its two facilities in Wisconsin, plus Virginia and Ontario.


Compressed Air Measurement Instrumentation, Testing and Leak Detection

Trace Analytics was talking about the Air Check Kit K810 Sampling Unit able to take compressed air samples for solid particles, water vapor and oil aerosols. We were impressed by the simplicity of use and yet the accuracy the device has. Managing Director Nikki Smith said, “Demand for compressed air testing has never been higher. We believe plants are understanding the critical importance of compressed air quality verification.” Trace Analytics also hosted us for a tour of their Austin laboratory and we were very impressed by the advanced testing technologies and testing procedure rigor they deploy.

Brett Greenlee, Nikki Smith and Alec Thompson (left to right). 


CS Instruments introduced its IAC 500 in-take air monitor for compressed air stations, a 3 in 1 sensor for ambient pressure, temperature and humidity. Special features include Modbus-RTU, Ethernet or M-Bus interface, alarm relay, and more. CS Instruments is also introducing the PTS 500, a 2 in 1 sensor for pressure and temperature of gases and liquids. It’s capable of temperature measurements from -68° - 257°F. Lastly, its LD 500 Leak Detector can be upgraded to perform all functions of the new LD 510 with purchase of the newer acoustic trumpet attachment to access new cloud solution features, automatic sensor detection and unique laser distance measurement for automatic cost determination.

Martin Zeller and Florian Buchner at the CS Instruments booth. 


Prosaris performed live demonstrations of its OL and HL Series ultrasonic air and gas leak detectors. The devices attach to phones and tablets via cable, and connect to its cloud-enabled leak lifecycle management solution via mobile app. The ultrasonic technology quickly analyzes a large area, detects the leak, and visually guides the user to the leak for further action, all within a few seconds. It requires no headphones or full sweeping of an area in search of a leak by directing the user to the precise leak source. It can detect even the smallest of air and gas leaks (approximately 8.5g/hr for compressed air).

Grant MacIsaac and Colin Sewell at the Prosaris booth (left to right). 



The AICD conference format has an engaging agenda, aimed at helping senior management at air compressor sales and service companies better manage their businesses today and tomorrow. 

  • Economic Check-Up – Professor J.R. Gillette, Ph.D.
  • Managing Employees and Connecting Across Generations, Lisa Walden
  • Get a Grip on Your Business: 6 Keys to Getting What You Want from Your Entrepreneurial Company – Lorie Clements 
  • Hacking the “Rockstar Attitude” - Mark Schulman, Rockstar Drummer for Pink, Foreigner, Cher and many more



Throughout the duration of the event, attendees testified to the impact this association has had on their careers. Here, members connect with peers to share ideas, discuss business methods develop solutions to industry problems, see the latest technology on the market and enjoy a world-class event produced by the AICD team. Mark your calendars for next year’s show, April 28-30, 2023 at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada. 
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