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Control of Distributed Systems with Multiple Air Compressor Rooms - Webinar

Tim Dugan
Gorazd Bregar
Ray Fang 


























Join Keynote Speaker, Tim Dugan, P.E., President, Compression Engineering Corporation, to discuss the control of compressors in multiple compressor rooms, a task that can range from easy to difficult depending on factors such as mechanical issues, system dynamics, piping, and compressor control limitations. Drawing from his experience with many supply-side projects and detailed pre-post data, he will also explain key concerns, valuable tips, recommended methods and technologies.

Our first sponsor speaker, Gorazd Bregar, Founder and CEO of CALMS, will present "No Monitoring-No Control: A Comprehensive Guide to Control Systems Design, Optimization, and Maintenance." This presentation will explore a monitoring system designed to support the control system lifecycle, from audit and design to optimization, maintenance, and event analysis. It will also address special requirement master control systems for scenarios where out-of-the-box sequencers fall short (applicable to less than 20% of systems). Additionally, the presentation will introduce a future control system based on zone control, featuring flow controllers and a master controller to operate them and the compressors.

Our second sponsor speaker, Ray Fang, International Sales Director of Comate Intelligent Sensor, will present " Efficiency Measurement in Monitoring and Control Systems." Learn how monitoring systems gather a vast amount of data and ensure the acquisition of useful information to leverage it effectively.

March 21, 2024

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