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Sensors for Compressed Air Systems: Data Management and Analysis - Webinar

Andrew Smith, P.E.
Pascal van Putten
Neil Mehltretter










Join Keynote Speaker, Andrew Smith, P.E., Co-Founder, SMARTCAir as he discusses the objectives and sensor requirements for compressed air supply side audits, along with the physics of flow measurement. The session will include insights from two case studies: one revealing discrepancies between actual and expected performance in modulation machines, and another demonstrating the impact of flow data on system volume and pressure variation analysis, leading to actionable improvement strategies.

Our first sponsor speaker is Pascal van Putten, CEO, VPInstruments. His presentation, “Compressed Air Monitoring Survival Guide - the Right Sensors at the Right Locations,” will discuss the significance of sensor selection, installation, and application in improving system reliability and efficiency. The talk aims to provide a clear understanding of what to measure for various applications, including cost allocation and compressor efficiency. Attendees can expect a comprehensive checklist of critical parameters for flow meter selection, along with practical advice on precise sensor installation. This knowledge will empower informed decision-making based on accurate data.

Our second sponsor speaker is Neil Mehltretter, Technical Director, Kaeser Compressors. His presentation, “Measure and Manage,” will discuss how compressed air measurement instruments can provide useful management information while ensuring reliable performance and effective control system operation.

May 23, 2024 

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