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Creating Industrial Energy Savings Through Compressed Air

Mission Statement: The team at Compressed Air Best Practices® is focused on helping Energy Managers create Industrial Energy Savings by providing educational content about compressed air systems.

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In order to help companies achieve “Win-Win” outcomes that reduce operating costs and minimize environmental footprints, we provide project ideas, training, tutorials and other educational materials about optimizing compressed air systems. With input from expert Energy Auditors and Energy Managers active in the field, our content offers insights into the industrial manufacturing and process environments.


Optimizing Compressed Air Systems

Known as the “4th Utility,” compressed air systems provide a powerful and flexible energy source for industrial processes. In order to better educate Energy Managers on how to reduce the kWh consumption of their compressed air systems, our content focuses on reducing energy costs and making processes more environmentally friendly—all while optimizing production output.

Compressed air systems have been identified as a top opportunity for reducing energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy (EPA) estimates that compressed air systems account for $1.5 billion per year in energy costs and 0.5 percent of emissions. It is further estimated that the optimization of compressed air systems can provide energy efficiency improvements of 20 to 50 percent.

Our case studies focus on how to improve compressed air systems.


Education for Energy Teams

As Sustainability Programs become increasingly important, Energy Management will continue to be a top priority for industrial manufacturing and processing companies. Specifically, Energy Teams are focusing on reducing the kWh consumption of their facilities. In order to help with that initiative, we interview Corporate Energy Managers so that Energy Teams can learn from their experiences.

For example, Compressed Air Best Practices® magazine interviewed the Corporate Energy Team Leader from Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) to learn about why the company was named a 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the EPA. In the article, readers can learn about how IPG’s energy program helped reduce their energy intensity by 22 percent, resulting in savings of nearly $2 million since 2009.

In another interview, Compressed Air Best Practices® spoke with the Director of Global Energy Management at Corning Incorporated about the company’s adoption of a continuous energy management strategy for each of its facilities. Corning’s three focuses included ensuring a reliable energy supply, increasing energy productivity and operating as “green” as possible. As a result, the company was also named a 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the EPA.


Our Team

Rod SmithRoderick Smith - Publisher
Roderick Smith is the Co-Publisher of Compressed Air Best Practices® magazine. Mr. Smith worked as an executive in the compressed air industry from 1992 to 2006. Seven of those years were spent developing business in Spain and Germany. Mr. Smith serves as the Editor and Sales Manager of Compressed Air Best Practices® magazine.
Patricia SmithPatricia Smith - Publisher
Patricia Smith is the Co-Publisher of Compressed Air Best Practices® magazine. Mrs. Smith is responsible for the Operations, Online Products and General Administration of Smith Onandia Communications LLC.
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Anna Buzzelli serves as the Graphic Designer of Compressed Air Best Practices® magazine. She has been designing for the publication and formatting the magazine since its inception.
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Clare Heinl serves as the Circulation Manager of Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine. She has a Masters Degree in Sustainability and is Google Analytics certified.
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Kimberly Hill serves as the Sustainability Events & Operations Manager for the Best Practices® Magazine and Events. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science as well as a Master of Business Administration.
Billy SmithBill Smith - Digital Content Specialist
Bill Smith serves as Associate Content Manager for Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine. He has Bachelor’s Degrees in Digital & Print Journalism, and Spanish.
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Patty Mackey serves as Circulation Specialist for Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine and Events Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.
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Troy Dreier serves as a Senior Editor for Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine. He has a MFA in Creative Writing and has been an editor since 1991.
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Brooke Jones serves as the Digital Content Editor for Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations.