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Compressed Air Leak Management Best Practices

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Join Keynote Speaker, Ron Marshall, Chief Auditor, Compressed Air Consulting, to discuss best practices for compressed air leak management. He will describe the benefits of a leak audit along with common challenges factories face fixing leaks including budget concerns and maintenance employee availability. This webinar will provide practical tips that include establishing baseline measurements, continuous monitoring and incorporating both plant employees and management in the process.
Our first Sponsor Speaker is Erin Zimmerman, Customer Service and Sales Manager of Trace Analytics. Her presentation, “Compressed Air Testing – Detecting Contamination,” will discuss how compressed air systems can become contaminated and detail testing methods for detecting particles, water, oil and microorganisms. She will also review ISO 8573 and how manufacturers can use this standard along with regular testing to protect end-products and keep their systems functioning at appropriate quality levels.
Our second Sponsor Speaker is Adrian Messer, US Operations Manager of UE Systems, Inc. His presentation, “Planning & Performing an Effective Ultrasonic Compressed Air & Gas Leak Survey,” will discuss the use of ultrasound technology for planning and performing an effective ultrasonic compressed air leak survey that focuses on the evaluation, detection, identification, tracking, repair, verification and re-evaluation processes centered around a compressed air leak detection program.

January 23, 2020

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